Friday, 6 April 2012

The Secret is Out

We are excited to announce that the Dreamers Markets is coming to Parramatta on the first day of Spring 2012. It is going to be an indoor market to be held in the Parramatta CBD. The venue will be revealed as soon as the agreement is in place. This should hopefully be in the next few weeks, so please stay tuned. 

Planning is underway to make sure that the needs of both the buyers and sellers are well looked after. This is our number 1 priority because without them, there is no Dreamers Market.

If you are a potential stallholder, we are  preparing to announce the opening and closing application dates. Application forms and terms and conditions are now being prepared. The Dreamers Markets is all about supporting indie artists, crafters and designers, so get your hands busy creating!

For handmade lovers, we promised you all sorts of cool Australian creative talents to come out and sell their wares with a commitment of everything handmade with love! You can look forward to finding a favourite handmade treasure!  

We thank you all for your support and being a part of this exciting journey! 

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