Friday, 4 May 2012

Practical Tips - Market Application

We don't claim to be experts in this field, but through the years we have gathered hints and tips from our own experiences and from people we know who have dealt with applications (not necessarily markets stall applications).

We have listed here some of the things that can help you in your application. Some of these tips are not only applicable to markets but can be applied to any other applications you may submit.

  • Read and follow instructions - most people often ignore this but the truth is, it can be annoying to the person reviewing the application especially when they have to go through a lot of applications. 

  • Answer questions in a concise manner, don’t beat around the bush - the reviewer will get bored and may possibly miss out important points instead. 
  • Pay close attention to all the small details, they do matter. 
  • Ensure that you have good quality photographs, and your website, facebook page or blog contains examples of your work. Prepare them before submitting your application so that your work can be seen straight away.

  • Spend some time and some thought in your application - it will show in your answers. 
  •  Don’t assume the reviewer knows what you do, because chances are they don’t and they want to know more about it. 
  •  Don't be lazy and don’t answer questions with sloppy answers - once again, it will show in your answers.
  • Get someone to review your application (if necessary) and check for spelling and grammar mistakes - it shows how professional you are.

Just like anything in life, go the distance --- always put your best
foot forward in everything you do!

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