Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Dreamer Spotlight: Jennifer Findlay Glass Art

We love Jennifer Findlay's work, it's amazing. 

There's something wonderful to be said about glasswork and the artistic properties that it gets used for. Such wonderful creations can be fashioned, and the fact that it's such a delicate material and a painstaking process makes the value of its construction all the more priceless.

Jennifer Findlay, is a brilliantly talented jeweller and specialises in handmade glass creations, her work is masterful and unique and completely unreal, you simply must check out her amazing work! 
Completely handmade and unique in design, Jennifer uses one of a kind handmade glass beads in order to create her unique products. Her work is definitely for someone who wants something different but stylish. 


Have a look at some of her beautiful pieces at the Dreamers Market or visit her website or "Like" her Facebook Page.

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