Monday, 18 June 2012

The Dreamers - Part 1

"The aim of my clothing is to provide a sense of worth back into women. Each month I have a value that I focus on and with this I design an item along with up to 5 smaller items to express the value." 

"Great care is taken to find different components for each piece to assure that my customers own a unique piece of jewellery. everything I sell is made by myself and not outsourced to a third party."

"My soaps are unlike anything you've seen, I have a big variety of life like shapes from tiny little babies to flowers, cakes and loaf sliced soaps ... you won't believe it's soap!"

Capture Soaps

"As babies feed and spend hours on their mothers laps or in baby carriers they love to explore with their hands and mouths. They love to pinch, slap, and pull! These necklaces have been created to keep hands busy and mouths soothed with teething."

"Our hand-poured candles are made by slowly melting beeswax. When at the correct temperature we filter the wax a number of times to ensure that we remove any natural debris. We then carefully pour the warm wax into specially prepared molds. Once the wax has set we individually hand wick each candle."

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