Monday, 25 June 2012

The Dreamers - Part 2

".. because I have a very active imagination, my designs are not static ... that would just be far too boring for me and soul destroying as an artist. I like people to have unique and individual DDS designer pieces that I am proud to present."

"We hand-make good quality things that are either practical (eg snack/lunch bags, bag tags, library bags) or educational/good for development (eg memory card games, skittles, bean bag sets). We put a contemporary twist on some "traditional" games through our careful selection of fabrics and designs."

"I love the design process, sampling of fabric ideas, creating a totally individual piece and then getting the feedback from a customer who loves it as much as me!  It makes the time and thought involved all worthwhile."

"I hand paint and draw my very detailed pattern on new and re-used glass and ceramic pieces. I focus on the re-use of second-hand products as it gives them a new lease on life. Each piece is completely unique, with elements of the pattern echoing my surroundings."

"Due to the process and characteristics of glass no bead can be produced exactly the same. Each focal bead or bead set is an original design. It is my imagination and creativity that makes my product unique."

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