Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Dreamer Spotlight: Sweet Gracie Candles

My name is Clare White, and I am the founder of Sweet Gracie Candles. I source pretty vintage teacup sets and turn them into beautiful smelling soy candles. 

I started the business fairly recently, as I was looking for a creative outlet and something to (hopefully) save me from returning to the drudgery of a 3-hour daily commute to the office following the birth of my darling daughter Grace. 
I have a background in web and communications, having worked for a number of years as a Project/Account Manager for a digital agency.  My knowledge of web came in handy when I created the Sweet Gracie Candles website and online store!

I love the adventure of searching for vintage teacup sets, and source them from markets, auction houses and charity shops - I never know what beauties I will stumble across just waiting to be cleaned up and re-loved.  It's lovely to see the transformation from what may have been a dusty cup sitting alone, to a gorgeous shiny sparking teacup filled with fragranced soy wax.

I use only soy wax for a number of reasons, it burns at a lower temperature, is made from a renewable source, and is non-toxic. Best of all, soy wax cleans up with hot soapy water, so the cups can be washed out and re-used once the candle is finished.

As Sweet Gracie Candles is a relatively new venture, I would love to continue to grow and expand the business by continuing to have market stalls and hopefully finding a few more stockists (we are currently stocked at the Mitchell Road Antiques and Design Centre).  
My advice to anyone looking to set up a business is really to just give it a go and think of it bit by bit rather than one massive thing.  If you break things down they are much more achievable. Invest in a whiteboard and scribble down any thoughts you have as they come into your mind - that way you can work on them later when you have the time.  There are lots of great online resources which can help you, also forums or Facebook groups are good for chatting with other small business owners.
Sweet Gracie Candles are very excited to be a part of The Dreamers Markets!!! We cannot wait for the day and are brimming with excitement! See you all there :-)
You'll have more of Sweet Gracie Candles at the Dreamers Markets.
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