Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Dreamer Spotlight: The Twin Thing Handmade

 Meet twin sisters, Mel and Kim ... 

We are twin sisters with a passion for craft. Although we are both qualified health professionals - a dietitian and a pharmacist, we have enjoyed doing our craft as a hobby and meet weekly with a small group of our girl friends to "stitch and bitch"! As we both each now have two small children, we started to think about the possibility of turning our hobby into a business that we could run from home ...and so “the twin thing - handmade” was born. 

Our primary motivation and inspiration for our craft business is our children. We have created a range of “things” for kids – educational toys including bean bags, skittles sets, memory card games, naughts & crosses; and environmentally-friendly fabric snack/goodies and sandwich bags. We are constantly working on new ideas and are happy to take orders or customise our product range to suit someone’s requirements.

We have been sewing for as long as we can remember - a skill and passion passed onto us by our mum. Aside from the hand and machine sewing we use for our range of “Twin THing" products, we have also learnt other craft techniques including patchwork quilting, smocking, knitting, card stamping, teddy bear making and cross stitch.

We love spending time with our families, enjoying “high tea” with our girlfriends, summer holidays at the beach and sourcing inspiration from craft blogs & magazines 
The thing we love about having our own little business is that we have control over how quickly it grows…at the moment we are pretty busy with our families & “day jobs” so we are selective about the markets we choose to do.  So it is possible to start slowly and gradually build your business as you are able.

    Over the next few years we plan to increase our market & retail presence and build an e-commerce website. We would also love to continue to evolve our product range. Above all else we just want to continue to enjoy creating beautiful, handmade things.

    You'll find more gorgeous Twin Thing Handmade products at the Dreamers Market on the 15th December!

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