Monday, 2 July 2012

The Dreamers - Part 3

"I have had many customers mention how these pieces of jewellery are a beautiful way to express ones faith."

"Sweet Gracie Candles are all unique and the teacups depend on what I can source on my hunting trips! The vintage teacups are collector's items in their own right but are made all the more beautiful and "giftable" by being upcycled into the highest quality soy candles, made with lots of love and care".

"I believe that there is nothing on the market like our jean chains. With a marketplace full of beautiful clothes and accessories for little ladies our product is unique as it is aimed at the little guys!"

"Paper Ivy makes beautiful paper things: cards, writing paper, prints, invitations etc. The process? I sketch ideas and put them together on computer and then print them on incredible paper. The envelopes are always illustrated as well, which I'm not finding is that common."

"Our designer fabrics are what grabs our customers attention. We only make one size in each fabric pattern , therefore each dress is a one of a kind."

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