Monday, 9 July 2012

The Dreamers - Part 4

"We believe our products are unique as our designs are original and we like to use vibrant colours that you don't find elsewhere."

"I use great fabrics which wouldn't be found in regular retail environments to make products that are functional but also beautiful and pay attention to detail in the making process to provide top quality handmade items to my customers."

"Our felt food is life size. The colours are bright and fun. Children have more avenues of play, as we have geared them for interactive play, like making a tomato sandwich, not just having a whole tomato."  

"As far as we're aware, nobody else creates greeting cards using fur! All shapes and images are designed by us and you won't find the same card anywhere else. As we cut everything ourselves no card is ever going to be identical and each card will have imperfections that make handmade products so special."


"I colour my candles which most candle makers at markets do not, as there is more cost and time involved at the production end. Also, there is only a very limited number of candle makers who produce palm wax candles in glasses, as opposed to soy wax candles."

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