Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Dreamers - Part 5

"My products are unique because they are preloved items given a second chance, they are recontextualised. I don't make copies of maps or cards, I only use the original materials so you are buying a handmade original piece."

"Our products are hand decorated using yummy icings and trimmed with extra details to make them really special. Presentation to us is just as important as the taste and quality of our delicious edible art."

"My products are not your normal baby colours they sell at the shops, they have patterns and themes that will go with anything and are bigger bibs sizes than usual. The dummie chains are made of gorgeous ribbons, and blankets are the perfect size for prams and bassinets."

"All my leather items are dictated only by my imagination at the time of creating. They are made individually, so are unique either by design, workmanship, colour or personalisation."

"I personalise bibs, aprons, towels and onesies by embroidering funny sayings or names & pictures onto the items."

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