Saturday, 23 February 2013

Dreamer Spotlight: Sweetness The Patiserrie

About Gena, the founder of Sweetness The Patiserrie
I am a corporate refuge who, at the age of 43 after careers in hairdressing, youth work and marketing operations, decided to follow her passion for sweet food.  I have a husband with whom I am completely besotted and one ‘child’ – SWEETNESS The Patisserie.  

Gena's sources of inspiration

Colour, kind words, mouth feel (what foods feels like in your mouth when you eat them), insightful human observations, music, good grammar.  And most of all, I’m inspired by foods that are so amazing that rather than being tasted by the tongue or filling the belly, are felt in that physical space between – in the chest.  These foods we categorise simply as ‘moorish’ and are special, special foods.  The first time I made a marshmallow, I knew it was one of those foods.  Same with English Toffee and same with Florentines – the first time I made them I knew.

Where and when did she learn how to make those yummy sweets

I’ve played in the kitchen my entire life and in 2005 I decided it was time to do something formal about.  I studied Diplome de Patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu through 2006-2007 and by July 2007 I was a qualified Pastry Chef (with absolutely no industry experience!).

 Other things she enjoy doing aside from making sweet food 

I enjoy talking about my experiences as a small business owner, I like talking about food, I like reading about food, I love going out to dinner with my husband Kris, I like laughing, I like bushwalking, I love music.

Her piece of advice to other artisans

Figure out what your brain and your heart are wired to do and as impossible as it may seem, make a decision to go THERE.  Doors will open, the words will come and things that used to be hard become easier and you stop pushing uphill.  From there, the hard part becomes a function of time.  As a business owner, you will always and forever face time poverty.

Her plans for the future
To be THE artisan confectioners in this country. That involves more stores and global reach, but we’re taking this one step – and market - at a time.
There'll be lots of Easter treats from Sweetness The Patisserrie at the Dreamers Autumn Market Market on Saturday, 16th of March 2013.

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