Tuesday, 24 July 2012

The Dreamers - Part 6

"All my bags are designed and handmade by me one at a time in my small studio in Sydney. Every Kikay bag that is conceived and marketed begins with a specific patterned material chosen just for that piece and every detail is sewn and handmade so that each detail is carefully made to preserve its’ quality and personality"

"I am very influenced by vintage style and use this influence in my illustrations my main subjects being vintage home and motherhood."

I am interested in colour and form and the design process is informed by the materials used. I create using unusual combinations of materials and manipulate rubber to create architectural designs. I recycle textiles into sculptural ruffle necklace and recycle plastic into necklaces.

"We believe that small, handmade production methods are good and worth striving for, that food should be beautiful, both to look at and to taste, that fresh is best and preservatives are unnecessary. We also believe that the earth is important and as such, we make every effort to buy locally & organically, power our kitchen with green energy and recycle our waste."

Sweetness The Patiserrie

"My paper craft silhouettes are designed by me and each one is meticulously arranged by hand. I sometimes paint/ink the cut outs or leave them as is and then arrange them to create the portrait." 

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