Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Dreamers - Part 7

"I draft my own patterns utilising a collection of 1950s pattern books and sew every item thinking of the story behind the piece and who will love it in the future."

"I make lifestyle articles (vases, boxes, containers, coasters, bottle holder, ...) from 100% Wool Felt. They make a great gift for different ages and both, males and females."

Suesl Design

"My pendants are made out of handmade air drying polymer clay – Cold Porcelain, they are not baked, and is made from standard household ingredients. Each item individually hand made and painted and truly one of a kind."

"My Wee pots are handbuilt of snow white earthenware clay and glazed fired to 1080 degrees celsius. It's great for trinkets, jewelleries, tealights, candy, salt and pepper, nuts, olives and even great for succulents... there's so much you can do with them only limited by your imagination!"

Wee Pots

"Our aim is to use humble materials and re-purpose them into something unique and beautiful. Rope, fabric offcuts, unwanted clothing and useless bits and pieces are given a second chance - discarded is reused, and useless becomes useful!"

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