Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Dreamer Spotlight: Cicada Symphony Designer Jewellery

"Working with hot glass takes me to a place where the creativity is immediate and everything else is blocked out. It is therapeutic and meditative – simple joy in a complex world for me and I love the fact that my artwork brings beauty to other people’s lives."

My name is Leslie Hunter, I'm a glass artist and fashion jeweller. 

I launched my brand, Cicada Symphony Designer Jewellery, at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week in 2008.   In the same year I participated in the inaugural Sydney Fashion Festival and was invited to participate in the Dubai Fashion Festival. Since then I have put out a new range of jewellery to coincide with Fashion Week in the Spring/Summer of each year. My work involves lampworking and kiln firing numerous types of glass with a special love of ‘funky’ Dichroic with its spectacular colours and dramatic reaction to firing. My range covers the spectrum, from richly-coloured pendants and earrings, exotic lampworked necklaces and large chunky rings.

I am inspired by the drama of glass. The factors that influence my work are elusive – more internal than external – but possibly stem from early travels through Japan, Asia, India and Europe. Glass has become the medium through which I can channel a natural eye for design and colour, capturing those influences in a luxurious and tactile form.

After many years as a leadlight artist I was introduced to hot glass at Finn’s Glass in Revesby.

I have spent the past ten years in partnership with my husband, Vic, running the Blue Mountains Artists Company which we founded in 2001.  We are both also active ‘fireys’ up here in the Blue Mountains and thoroughly enjoyed belonging to both ‘families’!

My piece of advise to other artists? Follow your heart but practice your craft. 
My plans for the plans for the future ... glass blowing with a much powerful torch which will allow me to sculpt glass and do even more intricate work. 

Find Leslie at the Dreamers Christmas Market.

Check out her website - Cicada Symphony Designer Jewellery

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