Monday, 4 March 2013

Dreamer Spotlight: Arjay Creations

Arjay Creations are two good friends, Robyn and Sam, who specialise in working within their area of strength, collaborate and work together to make beautiful products from 100% cotton.

Sewing has been our creative outlet for many years and now we have the opportunity to work to create a range of items from 100% quality cotton for others. We have started selling our work at markets and are very excited by the initial response by others.

Our sources of inspiration are material patterns, colour and design which often speak of needing to be made into a particular object. We are inspired by our visit to Houston Quilt Festival and other patchwork shows in America. Friends with children and our daily lives lead to ideas to meet needs creatively.

We learned our craft, from our earliest memories, sitting with our mums at the machine and aunts and grandmothers sewing and knitting. Both of us, studied Textiles and Design through our high years.

Aside from craft, we enjoy cooking, eating, travelling, spending time with friends and being part of our local church community.

Our advise to other crafters, is to relax, trust your instincts and enjoy what you do.
“Life sends rain, HOPE dances in the puddles until the sun comes out again.” (Holly Gerth)

We plan to continue to enjoy our crafts together, explore further opportunities to create, share and promote our crafts.
 Check them out at the Dreamers Autumn Market on the Saturday, 16th March 2013!
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