Thursday, 29 November 2012

Dreamer Spotlight: Badger Lane

The Badger Lane are 2 sisters who design and make their creations in their humble home studio ...

We are a vintage-inspired pair of crafts folk who make our own pin-on and magnetic badges, sew and mend clothes for sale and print our own shirts, posters and fabric prints.

All the way through we try to keep costs at a minimum and deliver the best quality hand-made products.

We operate out of our small suburban workshop with the help of the cunning and crafty Badger Brown.

We're each other's inspiration! We’re one sister who sews and one sister who prints and together we make things centred around a central idea of “play”, bright colours and fun and simple designs. All with a little help from our mysterious friend, Mr Badger Brown!

We try to bring each design back to nostalgic childhood memories like bush walking, exploring on bikes, lady bug catching, doll & teddy tea parties, road trips with family and singing in your best Sunday dress in the garden. This is mixed with our fascination with modern fashion, screen printing and sewing techniques.

We’ve been building our small home-based workshop in Western Sydney since 2009. We’ve been juggling the business between jobs since then, with a mix of success. This year has really started to pick up, since we’ve dedicated more time to it and started offering group and one on one sewing workshops and screen printing classes.

We have a love for all things vintage and through our products and services, we wish to inspire and build a community of talented crafts people.

We’d love to open our own little shop front where we can sell what we make and teach others to sew and print.

Check out more vintage inspired creations from the Badger Lane at the Dreamers Market on the 15th December!
Find them on Facebook.

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