Sunday, 25 November 2012

Dreamer Spotlight: Forget Me Not Paperware

Kirsten is the 'paper girl', the creative talent behind Forget Me Not Paperware.

My first ever job was as a paper girl! As in, “Papers! Papers! Get your papers here!” complete with yellow trolley. Only, I never actually did the calling out thing, as I was terribly shy. Suffice to say, I’ve improved a great deal as a “paper girl” since then ;). 

My sources of inspiration varies. I might look at the colours hitting the fashion circuit or have a look on Pinterest for popular themes to determine peoples “of the moment” interest. I may pour over typography and artwork books for inspiration. I keep a sketchbook of ideas and doodles, so I often come back to that when designing.

I trained under Cherie Karlsson {educator at the International School of Colour and Design} in the 1990s when she ran a very busy stationery business. Much of my skill base and small business knowledge can be credited to her. I also studied at Enmore Design Centre for a short period, which cemented theory and design principles {this was back when Graphic Art/Design was predominately constructed by hand with pencil on paper, so this was some time ago!}.

Aside from my craft, I enjoy running! And cycling! And generally being active outdoors with my family. I have a keen interest in healthy living –
The busier I am, the more I need to exercise as it brings balance, and helps me have enough energy to maintain a hectic pace.

My advice to other artists is that if you want your passion to become your livelihood, plan, plan, then plan some more. I cannot overstate this. Business plans are boring, I know. And using logic, employing pragmatism and being brutally rational is not usually the domain of the creative mind. But still, goal setting and laying out exactly how you are going to grow your hobby/art/skill into a fully fledged business demands that you spend time planning. Ask for feedback, engage a mentor and take advantage of the many free government services (online and in person) that will aid you in this process. The plan can change and evolve as your business grows, but solid foundations are essential for success.

I want to continue to make snail mail! Also, to teach children the joy of creating with their hands (and their hearts!) – of all the things my business has given me, nothing is as incredible and rewarding as being involved in the creative process of young minds. 
Check out more gorgeous paper from Forget Me Not Paperware at the Dreamers Market --- 15th December!
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