Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Dreamer Spotlight: Kabuki Clothing

"The combination of fabric choice and my love of pattern drafting makes my creations one of a kind. I love the relationship between the flat piece of cloth, full of endless possibilities and the final garment moving with the human body. I design these pieces thinking of the places they will go and the people who will love them" ~ Lisa Trewin

I am an Artist, Designer and Textile Hoarder. In 2006 I quit my career in the performing arts, parked my circus trailer and hung up my puppets to throw myself into what I have always loved most: turning pieces of fabric into beautiful clothes.

I live with a saint of a partner, 2 energetic pre-schoolers, a snoring golden Labrador and some very fiesty chickens.

I am inspired by Pop Culture, Children’s literature, everything Mexico, my fierce love of Japanese pattern drafting and the simple, glorious beauty of cloth.

For my 5th birthday I was given a blue plastic Holly Hobbie sewing machine and I have been sewing ever since, back then it was for my dog, my dolls and myself. In high school I made all of my friends formal dresses. I then got serious and studied Fashion Design and Pattern Drafting at TAFE before traveling to Florence Italy to study Fashion as Art and Soft Sculpture.

I love simple things, playing pirates with the boys in the back yard, jumping on their trampoline and building impossible towers and railways.
My advice to other artists is to do what you love, get your art out of your head and into the world, give it life.
My plans for the future is to continue to create fun, functional and beautiful clothes and grow the Kabuki Clothing brand.
 Find more of Lisa's creations at the Dreamers Christmas Market on the 15th December!
Find her on Facebook.

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