Friday, 2 November 2012

Dreamer Spotlight: Re-loved Pre-loved

Meet China, the artist behind Re-loved Pre-loved who finds real inspiration from her clients.

My name is China, and I live in the lower Blue Mountains. I am currently planning my wedding, organizing my market stall and working two jobs, so I’m multi-tasking like crazy! I also have a degree in Environmental Health

When reloving preloved pieces, I use my surroundings, events, or related words and work them into the piece. For example, in a ‘garden’ themed piece, you may find both hints and words of birds, flowers (other than those clearly drawn), leaves and many more. 

It is in the requested pieces, however, that I draw my real inspiration- my clients. I use their names, family’s names, events, mascots, and more to form the base of the pattern. This then becomes the fun of the piece- the recipient finding their hidden details with the help of a map.

My craft is a process I have been working on for over 10 years! It started in high school, doodling in my school diary. Over that time, it has become more and more refined, with much finer details, finer lines and more detail.
I come from a very creative family, but I am the only one who has taken their ‘art’ in this direction.
Aside from my craft, I also enjoy reading, bushwalking, travelling and planning my wedding.
My advice to other artists is to always enjoy what you do, and if you start getting frustrated with it, take a break and do something different - you’ll find more inspiration and your work won’t become a chore. Although not as related, my motto is Gandhi’s “be the change you want to see in the world”

What are my plans for the future?
Personally, buying and renovating our home and getting a full time job in my field.

Professionally, further developing my work, expanding the collection and finding new colours to work with. Continuing to sell internationally (have so far had 3 pieces sent overseas) and exapnd my 'brand' exposure.

Find gorgeous Reloved Preloved pieces at The Dreamers Christmas Market.

Check out her online shop - Re-loved Pre-loved

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