Friday, 9 November 2012

Dreamer Spotlight: Doobie Designs

"Each Doobie candle is individually created using a technique known as Dip & Carve. A single artist is involved with the creation of each work of art with the entire process done by hand. I have over 10 years designing and creating candles, this experience is passed onto you through the wonderful candle art."

Malinda is the candle artist behind Doobie Designs. She loves creating things with her hands and always have done ever since she was a little kid. Nature, everyday surrounds and clients ideas are her sources of inspiration. 

Aside from her craft, she also enjoys crocheting and taking photos of small things such as mushrooms and flowers, things you might miss if you're rushing by.

Her advise to other artists is "to give yourself a chance and other people will to". As for her future plans, she'll probably always make candles but is always  trying new things.
Check out more of Malinda's candle art at the Dreamers Christmas Market on the 1th December. 
Find her on Facebook.

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