Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Dreamers Spotlight: Anna Beresford

Meet the talented Anna Beresford ... read on to find out who started off her obsession!

I have two part-time jobs – as a legal secretary, and also as a chaplain in a hostel for people who suffer from mental illness.  I do a lot of bead weaving and repetitive stringing and find it quite meditative and relaxing.

I use a lot of semi-precious stones in my work and find that my inspiration usually comes from the stones themselves – colour, texture, pattern – it’s all very evocative of nature and that we as “crafters” can only help show the beauty that is already there.

I learned my craft when my husband and I were holidaying on the Central Coast of New South Wales a few years ago.  He saw a pair of earrings in a shop window and wanted to buy them for me.  It was a bead shop and the owner informed us that the jewellery wasn’t for sale, just the components to make the jewellery.  I said that I wouldn’t have a clue where to start but, coincidently, they were holding a beginners class that night.  I said no, but my husband talked me into attending.  Well….. two hours, three pairs of earrings and one bracelet later I was hooked.  Now when my husband says “you haven’t bought more beads, have you”, I can remind him that it was he who started off my obsession!!

Aside from my craft, I enjoy spending time with my husband and family, reading and finishing the second half of my Masters degree.
My advise to other artists is to not be afraid to experiment, don’t give up if something isn’t going right and, most importantly, make a piece in stages – sleeping on it often allows the next step to make itself known to you. 
My future plans is to finish the degree, continue to be creative and enjoy life.
Visit Anna and check out her creations at the Dreamers Autumn Market on the Saturday, 16th March!

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