Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Dreamer Spotlight: Paper Ivy

Meet Suzanne, the creative talent behind Paper Ivy ...

I have always felt driven to make things.

I could say my sources of inspiration are: ”Nature, my children, Japanese animation, modernist design, technology that helps humanity” etc. and they would all be true, but I think we all just assimilate our environment and then express our experience of it as a mélange of the parts that make us happy, or the parts that we see as a puzzle we’d like to solve.

As to where and when I learned my craft, I think this is a combination of my Bachelor of Visual Arts, my Advanced Diploma in Electronic Art and Interactive Media, honing my eye for all things visual during my career, experimenting with different materials, learning from the different mediums I’ve worked in (You can learn from paper, clay, metal or anything... if you pay attention to what it’s trying to tell you). I can’t forget to mention google.  Google taught me how to score my cards properly!

Aside from my craft, I enjoy watching movies, going for drives, lying down under trees, having earnest conversations with my 2 year old and doing crafty things with my 4 year old.
My advice to other artists is become very good at what you do, take some classes if you haven’t yet (there is always something to learn), don’t ever stop improving and experimenting, be flexible, be curious, pay attention to trends but don’t be enslaved by them and make yourself a part of the creative community: learn from them, share your own knowledge, be interested in other people’s work and enjoy what you do or change it.

The Paper Ivy business is always evolving, adding new designs and products and moving forward.  I would also love to do some collaborative projects with other creative types, not sure what, but I’m open to it. (Call me!)
As an individual I’ll continue indulging my love of learning.  There is always something I want to learn.  I think my photography is ok, but I really want to get a lot better at it and I want to do a silversmithing course, learn more about business… the list in inexhaustible.   

Check out more Paper Ivy creations at the Dreamers Market on the 15th Dec!

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