Saturday, 1 December 2012

Dreamer Spotlight: Pysanky Australia

"There is a legend that says that as long as pysanky are made, evil shall not reign over the world."

My name is Vera and I was born in Vancouver, Canada. I came to Australia 30 years ago when I met my husband and we have a daughter who keeps us young at heart. I have always been into art of some sort as I love creating as a way to express myself.

I get inspiration from things I see and feel in everyday situations such as nature and my family, especially my daughter who loves life to the fullest. I practice Tai Chi and as it is a form of meditation, that stirs my creative juices!

My background is Ukrainian and as a child, I used to watch the women make these beautiful works of art and made some as well, and it has fascinated me ever since. These eggs would be displayed in others homes, and I would spend ages mesmerized by the colours and patterns. I took it up again as an adult, teaching myself all over again and am now addicted to making pysanky every chance I get for family and friends and for special occasions. They are given to others to bestow protection, joy and love to the receiver. I will always be learning more and more as I continue making pysanky.

I enjoy relaxing activites such as painting, tai chi and playing the flute. I enjoy getting outdoors, bushwalking and beaching. I love spending time with my family which usually results in having a good laugh.
I believe we all have the ability to create and when your heart wants to express its beautiful self, no matter how crazy your ideas may be, just listen and enjoy the process and you will amaze yourself.
Everyday my life is changing so I don’t have any definite plans as each challenge motivates me to continue taking new paths. Pysanky making is a passion of mine that is part of me so I will continue making them and teaching this art to others. There is a legend that says that as long as pysanky are made, evil shall not reign over the world. As eggs universally symbolise life, pysanky symbolize love.
Check out these beautiful pysanky eggs at the Dreamers Market on Saturday, 15th December!

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