Monday, 3 December 2012

Dreamer Spotlight: Wendy Lee

Meet Wendy ... she does her jewellery by sublimation printing and sterling silver casting of natural seeds and pods.

For many years I worked in food microbiology and other scientific laboratories before I made my move into the Jewellery industry. Various roles in retail, manufacturing, diamond buying allowed me to learn many aspects of the industry. 

I LOVE jewellery in all forms and styles. 

I have been making jewellery for as long as I can remember as a hobby before taking my business more seriously. There is something deeply satisfying in taking a sheet of metal and than cutting, shaping, forging it into something wearable. Love my gemstones, the sparkles of dichroic glass and the vibrancy of the colour.

My sources of inspiration is colour, colour. By the way did I mention colour. Mother nature is a huge inspiration and we recently collaborated on a collection together. Very inspiring to work with. Cellular structures and microscopic images which I thik stems from my scientific days.

I first started my jewellery making at my local Lapidary club where I was taught how to cut and polish my own gemstones. Since those days I have done many workshops around the world to fine tune my skills. With everything that I have learnt through self discovery and workshops I now share my knowledge through teaching others various jewellery making skills.

Aside from my craft, I enjoy traveling. I love to discover new places, cultures and FOOD. I enjoy taking my camera and heading out for the day and playing tourist in my own backyard it is nice to view your own city from the perspective of a visitor. Cycling is my way to keep fit and healthy and  there are so many great cycle paths ad tracks in Parramatta.
My piece of advise to others is to do what you love and love what you do. It’s a bit corny but life is to short to live any other way.
My future plan is to do a residency program in Germany as they have some of the best lapidaries in the world and also, travel to South Africa and spend some time with the tribal communities. They have the most incredible beadwork.

Find more of Wendy's gorgeous jewelleries at the Dreamers Market on 15th December 2012!
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