Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Dreamers Spotlight: SuzArte Creations

"I always try to look at the bright side of life and one of the main things that helps me do this is creating."  ~ Susan from SuzArte Creations

I get inspired by everything around me, from music to quotes and the everyday mundane things in life. I challenge myself to work with things which may normally be ignored such as coat hangers, light bulbs, mp3 players and camera's which are a regular feature in my cards. I am also passionate about the environment and use recycled elements wherever I can in my creations.

I have been creating things ever since a child. I was blessed to have a very creative father who could make almost anything if he put his mind to it. My dad always encouraged me to work hard when it came to creating and to develop my own style and in fact one of the last things my dad said to me before he passed away was " I hope you are still creating, it's the only thing that keeps you normal" . I am however mainly self taught and have picked up techniques along the way through the internet, workshops and creative friends and teachers.
Aside from my craft, I love listening to music, travelling, reading, walking, shopping (especially for handmade items) and hanging out with friends and family.
My advise to other artists is to keep on creating no matter how hard life gets. Art is great therapy and gives one a feeling of satisfaction and well being.
My plans for the future is to work less in my day job and do more of what I absolutely love doing and that is creating.
Check out more of Suzarte's creations at the Dreamers Market on Saturday, Dec 15th!

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  1. this spotlight has really made my day, thanks so much for such a great write up, so looking forward to the market on 15.12.2012