Sunday, 22 September 2013

How to Distress Wood

Here is a quick and easy tutorial on how to distress a boring wooden object. 

For this project, we used a wooden crate we found at the $2 store. This was meant to hold plastic fruits but we thought it would be good as props for the market. And for the price of $2.50, we'd be crazy not to take it home. 

To turn this crate from boring to interesting, we decided to make a distressed wooden crate. You only need 2 different colours of acrylic paints, light and dark, which you can also get from the $2 shop, a paintbrush and sandpaper. You can also spray finish it but this is optional.

Step 1 - If your object is not new, clean and remove dust.


Step 2 - Paint with your choice of light coloured paint. In this project, we painted white. Then let it dry.

Step 3 - Paint over with your choice of dark coloured paint. We use dark brown for this crate. Then let it dry.

Step 4 -Sand the wooden crate to as much as you want depending on the effect you want. Spray finish if you wish but this is not necessary. In our case, we lightly sprayed with a glossy finish.

Step 5 - Voila! A cute market props!

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