Thursday, 26 June 2014

Dreamers Spotlight: Ask Ed Designs

Tell us something about yourself? 

Most importantly, I am a mum our darling boy Edward, who is almost 10 months. He has obviously been the inspiration for the name ‘Ask Ed’! I’m an artist and high school Art teacher. I adore teaching but am trying to focus more on my art.  I have two partners in crime. My Husband Matt and my twin sister Amy. Both come along to all the markets, help me set up and give me advice.

What are your sources of inspiration?

 Mother Nature! I know it’s a little clich√© but there is just so much diversity and variation in what nature provides. From the neon colours of the Great Barrier Reef to the muted and dirty palette of the scrub, I just haven’t ever had a need to look elsewhere. Colour is just the beginning! Then we have all sorts of shapes and textures. If I want to do an abstract piece, rockpools at the beach have such delightful forms. Organic little blobs in the vast sea scape. 

Where and when did you learn your craft?
 Who taught you? 
I always drew as a kid and loved art class at school. My year 10 Art Teacher who has sadly since passed really lit the painting fire in me! Beautiful Mrs Ward….she was kooky and yet so classy. Some people pay you a compliment and it’s nice to hear but it doesn’t scratch the surface. If Mrs Ward said your work was good, it was! She gave 100% for my year 10 major submission and from that moment I have had the confidence to believe in my skills as a painter particularly. 

Aside from your craft, what else do you enjoy doing?

 Getting out into the bush with my hubby and baby is always a treat. We love bush walking or going for drives out of the city. Eating is also fun! My husband is a terrific cook so I love to stay in on a weekend and help him with a roast.

What piece of advise can you give to other artists?
 I am constantly telling my students that practice really does help! I wasn’t necessarily born with painting skills, I have been at it for years and have been experimenting, evaluating and trying again since I started as a child. Find a handful of mentors or artists who inspire you and try to really observe their work. I love the idea that I think came from a Picasso quote that in order to break the rules you have to learn them first. Learn the rules then don’t be afraid to bend or break them!

What are your plans for the future?

 I will keep painting till I can’t hold a brush and while people want to buy my work I will sell it. I really enjoy teaching teenagers to express themselves and look to the world for inspiration so I will keep teaching too.  My plan is to teach a few days a week and look after Ed and paint the rest of the week.

Ask Ed designs will be at the Dreamers Market on August 9, 2014. Riverside Theaters. 9-2 pm.

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