Friday, 17 July 2015

Feature Interview: Mo Resin

Tell me something about yourself?
Every morning when I wake up, I feel blessed to live in such a great country and make a living of my art and my jewellery…

What are your sources of inspiration? My main source of inspiration is women. I am often touched by the way they move and their creativity to stay unique. Little details that catch my eyes and often lead me to use it in my work. Nature is also very important in my art. I live in the Royal National Park, facing the bay and surrounded by gum trees. For example, the way the leaves move in the wind inspired my collection SLENDER NATIVE. The light in the water inspired my 1st cuff DOUCE ROCAILLE. And of course, I spend a lot of time exploring the never-ending richness of Aboriginal work. Every day a new occasion to be amazed and inspired. I am very proud to have the license to work with such generous artists. And it is for me a great opportunity to build bridges between cultures. And as I always say, Art is universal.

Where and when did you learn your craft? Who taught you?
I learned to masterize the painting techniques while preparing Les Beaux-Arts in Paris. And a few years later, I learned to play with other techniques and materials at Arts-Et-Metiers school in Paris as well. But I have to say that once this achieved, the only way to improve is to push further the limits of your art: work and try. 

Aside from your craft, what else do you enjoy doing? Markets of course! And welcoming people in my workshop. I meet wonderful people. All very different. I am very proud to have customers form 7 to 77, form all nationalities, all kinds of women. And now men with my cufflinks. Some of them ask for customization. Can be challenging sometimes but this is another opportunity to try… Apart from that, spending time with my children is a real source of simple pleasure.

What piece of advise can you give to other artists? Never get Impossible for an answer, and have fun is the master key. If you enjoy what you do, people will enjoy seeing your work.

What are your plans for the future? At the moment, I am back from 3 weeks in Yuendemu -4 hours from Alice Springs- where I spent a few weeks with Warlukurlangu artists. I met beautiful artists so stay tuned! I learn to enjoy the moment and make the best of it… Carpe diem.

Visit Mo Resin at the Dreamers Market on Saturday, July 18th.

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