Thursday, 13 July 2017

Feature Interview: Amy Myers Heirloom Handknits

Tell us something about yourself?

My little family lives in a tiny half a house in Sydney, with a music studio instead of a backyard. It’s a happy, creative and musical household! My husband is a professional pianist who teaches and accompanies. My seven-year-old son is the light of my life. He is an energetic little one who loves superheroes, Lego, science and dancing around. I also sing and play the flute, but making things with my hands is what keeps me sane.

What are your sources of inspiration?

Since having my little one and knitting for him, I decided that I would bring my heirloom items to others. I love the thought of little babies snuggled up inside my hand knits and the feeling as a mother of keeping your little one warm.  If I could, I would live in Antarctica and knit for the penguins!!

Where and when did you learn your craft? Who taught you? 

I have been knitting since I was three years old. My Nanna taught me while sitting on her lap.  I have always been surrounded by creative people who love to teach and share so the tradition continues. 

Aside from your craft, what else do you enjoy doing?
Along with knitting and all sorts of handcrafts that I do, I am also an Egyptophile (someone who has a great love of Ancient Egypt). I have climbed into the heart of the Great Pyramid three times and can read Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs. I can’t wait to visit again and read texts straight from the temple walls!

What piece of advice can you give to other artists? 
The one thing I would say to other artists is surround yourself with other creative people.  Since starting this little enterprise I have made lovely connections with all sorts of people. It’s encouraging to get lots of likes and positive comments when the weather is 40 degrees and you think you will never sell anything! It keeps me going. The community aspect is just wonderful and integral to success.
What are your plans for the future?

To keep knitting until I die!  It’s so heartwarming to have a customer say that they have no one to knit for their little ones.  So I do it for them!  I will also be writing up and releasing my own patterns and one day, would love to have my own studio where I can teach others these beautiful and fulfilling crafts. 

Amy Myers will be at the Dreamers Market on Saturday, July 22.
Riverside Theaters, Parramatta.

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