Become a Stallholder

We are excited that you are considering to be a Stallholder at our Dreamers Fall Market on Sat, 12th May 2018! 

However, we want you to be fully informed before filling in the application. We take great pride in keeping communication between organizers and stallholders open and understandable.  Please read and understand all of the information below to make sure that we are the right market for you.

Our market is juried by a team of makers. This helps us in making decisions in choosing high quality Stalls that offers 100% handmade goods. 
Our goal is to have a unique market with a selection of different handmade categories. Because of this, we cannot accept everyone that applies. A high priority will always be given to the makers who are innovative and have unique one-of-a-kind products.  We do not accept multi-level marketing, direct sales, or items that are mass-produced from overseas. 
We work hard to find Stallholders that are fresh and offer current trends. 

The juried team will consider the following ~
~ Your products must be made by yourself, not outsourced or manufactured somewhere that isn't local to our community and its surrounding region.
~ Your work must be of high quality, innovative and original.
~ We will look at how your items are presented in your photos/website and the cohesiveness of your work.
Our need to diversify the crafts means that we do not want more than 3 Stalls of the same items. 

An exception of the same item is Jewellery. Depending on the balance number of Stalls, we may accept up to 10 Jewellery Stalls provided they are not made of the same kind, as an example, there will only be one jewellery made from pearls and one made from plain silver.

~ If you make childrens' clothing and/or baby goods and accessories like hair bows and bibs, they must be unique and different from any mass-produced items that customers could pick up at a local shop or boutique. We do not accept  ready-made items that are just embellished with handmade bows and the like.
Items that are made different, fresh and new would be acceptable.

We want to be an affordable handmade market therefore your pricing range must be fairly price based on trends and quality.

Stall Fees ~
Standard Stall 2m x 2m / $106.90
Corner Stall 2m x 2m / $118.75 
***bring your own standard trestle table / chairs are provide***

The Venue ~
Riverside Theatre
Church & Market Sts

So are you our ideal Stallholder?
If so, please register your interest below and we will then send you a Stallholder Application.
***Please take note Stall fee is expected within 7 days after acceptance of offer.***  

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