26 Reasons to Buy Handmade

To support the handmade community and promote awareness, on the 3rd of Sept 2013, we posted a status asking our Facebook likers the reasons why they would buy handmade.  

Read on and find out why people love and prefer to buy handmade.
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  • More often than not it's made for love not profit. ~ Natasha
  • Each item is unique and imbued with its creator's personality and style. ~ Joyce
  • It's got personality. I love it when sometimes it's not so perfect. A lot of love has been put into it even the packaging! ~ Monique
  • It is made with love and not mass produced. ~ Kirsty 
  • You are purchasing from someone who take pleasure in what they do and expressed in their creation! ~ Kikay
  • Each item has its own character....individual.....made from the heart. ~ Jelena
  • I buy handmade items in order to help support small business' here in Australia (often run by stay at home mothers who can not obtain another job elsewhere).~ Susan
  • It's generally better quality for less money. ~ Toni-Anne
  • It's one of a kind. ~ Marie
  • I find the quality is often of a standard you wouldn't find with a ready made item And the people who create them are Amazing! ~ Jenni
  • Much better quality & workmanship! I have seen this with the quality products monkeyfolio produces. ~ Mary
  • My mum who is now 82 years old and she crochets blankets and knits bed slippers. I agree with the comments, also these happy blankets (as my mum calls them) are getting few and far between. The younger generation of today aren't interested in learning how to make them. ~ Sandy  
  • Agree the items are unique, you know they are well made using quality materials. Also have heard from some customers they like hand made as they are tired of relatives mentally pricing how much has been spent on them. ~ Robyn
  • You are supporting an Australian artisan and a micro business at the same time. Needless to say, you are enjoying a product that the maker has enjoyed making. ~ Kiki
  • Made with experience beyond price, flair and pizzazz. And I don't think most people charge enough for their creations...why pay less for all that expertise and quality materials. ~ Anne
  • Handmade, handcrafted, all represent an individual voice, a unique interpretation of materials, color, dimensionality and personality. It all adds up to a wonderful expression of heart and art. ~ Catherine
  • Created by someone who cares, which always shows in the product and supports the small crafter. ~ Fay
  • I read these words on an artists page. When buying from a crafter or artist, your buying more than an object or painting. You are buying 100's of hours of experimentation and failures and moments of pure joy. You aren't just buying a thing. You are buying a piece of heart, a piece of soul, a moment of someone's life. Most importantly you are buying the artist/ crafter more time to do something they are really passionate about. I buy hand made because as an artist I recognize the love and care that has gone into it. ~ Lyndi
  • For all of the love that goes into an item. ~ Cindy
  • You can often meet and get to know the creator, they can make things especially for you, there is care and attention to detail, there is usually a quality above buy/sell pieces, many pieces are one of a kind and at the most its going to be a small run/limited edition, many items are made by artisans in their field with years of experience, most artisans/craftspeople will guarantee their work. Products change and are new and fresh. ~ Annette
  • Support Local talent, Help people to help themselves, get something unique, Handmade has heart, soul and love poured into it rather than soulless mass produced items, Often handmade is recycled, upcycled and more sustainable, often better for the enviorment. ~ Amanda
  • It encourages artisans and keeps tradition going it is an oasis of talent in a throw away world. ~ Judy
  • It's real, it's personal, it's special, it's talented, it's rewarding, it's soulful, it's individual, it's passion ~ Emily
  • Having something that was made with someones time and love makes it far more important. ~ Tina
  •  Local items, at least Australian made, created with love, supporting the artisans in our local community.~ Andy
  • Hand made items each have their own individual story and carry the finger print of the maker, which is something priceless. ~ Christina              


  1. Handmade items are just full of character! Thanks so much for using my quote :) Really, truly made my night seeing this. See you in October. By the way, all the other quotes are so true too :)

  2. I agree with your point about supporting local - having handmade artisans in your local region is a boost for local art, local suppliers and local jobs too! Nice share - see you in April!

  3. Love the idea of heart and soul versus the plastic emptiness of corporate production - handmade is a connection with place, purpose and personality - what's not to love?