Monday, 25 June 2012

Share Your Story Giveaway

Share your story and tell us what you are excited about the Dreamers Market and you could win a Set of 5 Bean Bags for your little one from The Twin Thing Handmade


What are Bean bags? Bean bags are a great gross motor toy for children. They can be used to develop gross motor skills and coordination in children. They offer tactile, visual and sensory stimulation, as well as a fun introduction to numbers and counting. You will find out more about this versatile and classic toy here.

This Bean Bag Set of 5 can be yours by telling us what you are excited about the Dreamers Market - simply write your story on the Dreamers Market facebook page!

 See below to enter and win!

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Thanks to our sponsor, The Twin Thing Handmade for this lovely little bean bags. 

You will find more "things" for kids at the Dreamers Market.

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  1. Handmade products are not only made by hands but also by crafters' heart and thought. One of my cousin likes making handmade stuffs and she gave one wallet made by herself, and my friends all love it. Most handmade products are unique and with good quality. I'm excited that Dreamers Markets offers a good platform to let dreamers make their dreams come true :)